Interview with Jen Torborg

Jen Torborg, PT, DPT, CMTPT is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health. She serves the Chequamegon Bay area in Northern Wisconsin, treating people of all ages and genders for pain, bowel & bladder dysfunction, and rehabilitation post birth, injury, and surgery. Jen earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy at UW-LaCrosse and is also a … Continue reading Interview with Jen Torborg

Informed Consent 101

Many decisions arise during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. And the decision-making doesn’t end there, but naturally extends well into parenting. Birthing individuals and families select among choices about where to give birth, who shall be present at the birth, who provides primary care, which tests and procedures to accept or refuse and when…just to name … Continue reading Informed Consent 101

Choosing Your Care Provider

Having a supportive care team is essential to creating a positive birth experience. In the moment of meeting potential care providers, you may not remember all the questions that you want to ask them. In fact, you may not even know which questions would be the most beneficial for you to ask. Here’s a list … Continue reading Choosing Your Care Provider

Hello and Welcome

Hello, and thank you for visiting. My name is Nena, and I am a Native Floridian now happy to be HOME in North Wisconsin. I am a Holistic Birth Doula, yoga teacher, writer, midwife-in-the-making, and ecstatic mother & partner in a beautiful, wild family. Check out Heart Ethic to learn more about my background and my story. … Continue reading Hello and Welcome