Your workshop really got me thinking about my own mindset regarding menstruation, and it’s been wonderful! My biggest take away was a shift from viewing my period as a burden to it being a sacred and powerful time.

Amy, Menstrual Yoga Workshop Participant

“Nena was so helpful in creating a positive birthing mindset. Her knowledge of the female body and application of yoga and massage helped ease me into labor. Many of the things we discussed prior to my daughter’s birth helped me keep a cool head! Also, Nena was just a lot of fun to have around.”

Shelby, birth doula client

“We have been most blessed to have Nena as a teacher and healer at Grace Tree. She exudes sweetness and patience,and is very knowledgeable regarding yoga, in general, but especially regarding her specialties, in particular: Thai and prenatal yoga. She is industrious and creative, and we wish her the very best in all of her endeavors.”

Janet, co-owner of Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio

“We had a great experience with Nena as our doula. She has a very calming spirit and kept the experience positive and encouraging. Her massages during labor were amazing and her suggestions to keep labor progressing were very helpful.”

Emily, birth doula client

“Nena helped me create a sense of calm throughout my delivery, held my hand through the pain, and provided counter-massage. With her present, I was able to keep my anxieties at bay.”

Maggie, birth doula client

“I have had a wonderful experience with Nena, whom I hired as a postpartum doula when my daughter was six months old. We were having multiple issues with sleeping, nursing, nutrition, support, etc. I am a first time mom and felt that despite being ‘prepared’, I had no idea what I was doing.

I was feeling very overwhelmed and I’m sure my description of our needs as a family was disorganized and confusing. However, Nena fearlessly dove in by providing practical information, referrals, and reassurance.

She helped me process my birth trauma, inspired me to go back to my yoga practice, got me hooked on herbal infusions, lent me books, and most importantly, listened non judgmentally.

In short, she gave me hope and advice when motherhood seemed bleak, and our family is infinitely better off having known her.”

Jacquelyn, postpartum doula client

“What I found most valuable during my pregnancy was the focus Nena kept on me, my knowing and the way she asked questions that would encourage me towards the solutions that I needed to discover. Essentially, she served as a partner alongside me. She wasn’t my guide, she was my companion. She knew that I knew what was best for me and trusted me to make that decision myself, even if she would have chosen something different herself.

I am absolutely grateful for Nena and the care she has shared with me during this sacred time of my life. It was invaluable. I think every woman going through such a tender experience would benefit from having a warm-hearted companion by their side, near or far.”

Dani, distance doula client

“Nena is an awesome instructor! She is patient, understanding, open-minded & easy to relax around. I feel like all of these things are essential in creating an environment where moms can relax and be themselves especially midst all the changes that pregnancy & postpartum bring.”

Joyanna, prenatal yoga student

“It was magical! Nena created a safe place to try things I never would have wanted to try in a big studio with lots of other experienced yogis like humming and dancing! I truly feel like it was another piece of my ability to go natural as I learned positions that were comfortable with baby on board and wasn’t too shy to try them!!”

Kristen, prenatal yoga student