Private Yoga


Private Yoga for Women & Couples

Yoga sessions designed to meet your unique needs and to strengthen your home practice.

Available at Washburn Meditation Center.

Single 90-minute Yoga Session: $60

Three Yoga Sessions: $150


Prenatal Yoga

Anchor into your heart and your body, your intuition and instinct.

Stretch + strengthen to accommodate your changing body and enhance your adaptability.

Enjoy meditative practices to build endurance for birth and expand your capacity to embrace motherhood.

Relieve specific physical, mental, and emotional imbalances such as anxiety, fatigue, nausea, and swelling.

Increase joy, self-acceptance, connectedness with life, and feelings of beauty.

Feel good in your body!

Enjoy solo or with a partner to nurture your family bond and prepare for a powerful birth together.


Also offering yoga sessions centered on:


Menstrual peace/power

Healing trauma + anxiety


Mama Baby Bonding

Postnatal recovery + bliss