Birth Doula

Each of us conceives and births our own path of bringing another life into our family constellation.  Your experience deserves to be honored, your family to be revered and nurtured. I offer professional, holistic doula care that respects and celebrates each aspect of You and your experience. My sacred service to you is grounded in compassion, … Continue reading Birth Doula

Private Yoga

Private Yoga for Women & Couples Yoga sessions designed to meet your unique needs and to strengthen your home practice. Available at Washburn Meditation Center. Single 90-minute Yoga Session: $60 Three Yoga Sessions: $150 Prenatal Yoga Anchor into your heart and your body, your intuition and instinct. Stretch + strengthen to accommodate your changing body … Continue reading Private Yoga

Mama Wellness

Rejuvenate your wellbeing post-birth with Thai yoga massage, a personalized restorative yoga practice, and holistic wellness consulting. Experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga, bodywork, and accessible meditation. You will leave our sessions with clearer energy, a deepened sense of peace and relaxation, and practical self-care tools to carry with you into daily life. First Two … Continue reading Mama Wellness

Postpartum Doula

Honor your sacred window with compassionate holistic postpartum support. Postpartum doula support nurtures the whole family through tending especially to the new mother’s needs. Encouraging her deepest rejuvenation and total wellbeing is my number one priority. Loving and nurturing mamas facilitates healing from birth and allows moms to lovingly tend to their baby(ies) with the … Continue reading Postpartum Doula

Miscarriage Support

Pregnancy loss can take an expectant individual or family by great surprise and accompanying shock. It’s not uncommon to feel hesitant to share what you’re experiencing and you may feel bewildered about next steps or how to take it in while it’s happening. If you believe you may be miscarrying and would like support in … Continue reading Miscarriage Support