Northwoods Birth

Supporting birthing individuals and families in rewilding their birth experiences. Serving the North Wisconsin community as a birth and parenting resource. Helping women heal and nurture themselves through yoga, self-care, and bodywork. Connecting women with themselves and each other, and to the sacredness of life.

“Nena was so helpful in creating a positive birthing mindset. Her knowledge of the female body and application of yoga and massage helped ease me into labor. Many of the things we discussed prior to my daughter’s birth helped me keep a cool head! Also, Nena was just a lot of fun to have around.”

Shelby, birth doula client

Your workshop really got me thinking about my own mindset regarding menstruation, and it’s been wonderful! My biggest take away was a shift from viewing my period as a burden to it being a sacred and powerful time.

Amy, Menstrual Yoga Workshop Participant